by Limboy Barefoot

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I walked the streets today
Looked for a job
It’s getting harder
Wet noisy streets at least
Kept my mind
Busy and tied up

And when I walk alone, this fresh air makes me think
Shouldn’t be so stressed, being angry won’t help me


When all goes wrong
when all goes wrong
I smile

Again I wake at night
Bleak picture, sad picture
I want to sleep so bad
But all is dreary and I’m so weary
I take my guitar I’ll sing a lullaby


When all goes wrong
when all goes wrong
I smile

Another day’s here
I feel strong
Today’s my day
I’ll give it all I say
I’ll try my best
And won’t complain
I’ll keep my spirit high, I’ll think about that girl
She made me smile and laugh when soaked under the rain

Heart throbs hard in my chest
Many stories, many worries
Seems I will get no rest
The clock is ticking, I won’t be sleeping
Outside is dark that’s fine
At least I’ll see the stars


released August 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Limboy Barefoot Madrid, Spain

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